Brit, 57, killed in head-on road rage crash with electricity post in Thailand
Chon Buri, Thailand #General News
Police baffled by alien driving flying saucer on road in Thailand
Loei, Thailand #General News
Pickup truck drifts and flips over road
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Cow leaps from tracks to narrowly avoid oncoming train
Pattani, Thailand #Pets
Stork struts across zebra crossing while lights are on red
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Light aircraft takes off from road construction following emergency landing
WA, USA #General News
Out-of-control bus crashes head-on with another coach in India
Uttarakhand, India #General News
Duck family waddle across road... even using the zebra crossing
Liaoning Province, China #Heartwarming
Cow waits at traffic lights like other road users as it wanders along highway
Sichuan, China #Pets
Police find 9ft long alligator napping in road in Florida
FL, USA #Wildlife
Rare moment pride of 14 lions cross road in India
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Smart stray dog uses zebra crossing to navigate busy road
Nonthaburi, Thailand #Pets
Pickup truck shunted from third floor of car park crashes onto road below
Bangkok, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Girl falls off bike while trying stunt down road
Hebei Province, China #Cute Kids
Motorcycle rider filtering through traffic hit by lorry
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Pickup truck rolls into road when driver forgets handbrake while unloading
Suphan Buri, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Road rage driver rams female toll booth workers
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Girls play rock, paper, and scissors to battle for parking space in South Korea
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Heroic tourist gives CPR to fainted pig
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Indian Prime Minister holds carnival-like roadshow for general election
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