Girl injured when car reverses into her in alley in India
Gujarat, India #Cars & Vehicles
Cars crawl through flooded streets in Florida
FL, USA #Cars & Vehicles
Midnight panic as tents flooded by overflowing river
Yunnan, China #Climate & Weather
Driver hears kitten meowing in engine before mechanics save creature
Bangkok, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Pedestrian survives being hit by car and flung through the air
Maharashtra, India #Cars & Vehicles
Driver rams people filling up their car at petrol station in India
Gujarat, India #Cars & Vehicles
Bedridden grandmother, 85, rescued from flooded houseboat on river
Ayutthaya, Thailand #General News
Driver saves kitten stuck in her car engine
Bangkok, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Passengers chase out-of-control bus with failed brakes as it rolls away
Zhejiang, China #Cars & Vehicles
Car drives away with petrol pump hose still attached causing fire
Banten, Indonesia #Cars & Vehicles
Grandmother, 60, killed in crocodile attack while washing clothes in river
Palawan, Philippines #Wildlife
Car has IV drip poking through the sunroof
Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province #Cars & Vehicles
Truck crashes through petrol station's concrete fence 'when driver falls asleep'
Roi Et, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Landslide drags cars into river following heavy rain in Thailand
Chai Nat, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Rescue teams save fishermen who plunged from cliff into river
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #General News
Camel has the hump after getting stuck in car following crash in India
Rajasthan, India #Wildlife
Boats collide injuring four tourists on river in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Speed boat crashes into river ferry injuring four tourists in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Mudflows swamp island following Kanlaon Volcano eruption
Negros Occidental, Philippines #Natural World
River turns blood red leaving locals horrified in China
Sichuan, China #Natural World