Monitor lizards wrestling over territorial fight causes damage in resident's home
Samut Prakan, Thailand #Wildlife
Indonesia floods swamp homes forcing mass evacuations
Central Sulawesi, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Kuwait apartment fire kills 49 residents and injures dozens more
Ahmadi, Kuwait #General News
Rampaging wild crocodile caught by residents in Indonesia
South Sumatra, Indonesia #Wildlife
Crocodile sighting in canal terrifies residents in Indonesia
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Caring resident saves the life of lizard stuck in rodent glue trap
Nakhon Sawan, Thailand #Wildlife
Residents evacuated as wildfire ravages hillside in Italy
Messina, Italy #General News
Injured cow struck by train treated by caring residents
Madhya Pradesh, India #Pets
Indian residents cool off in scorching sub-continent as heat wave kills at least 50
Uttar Pradesh, India #Climate & Weather
Giant 'spider web' appears overnight leaving residents terrified
Fujian Province, China #Wildlife
Python terrifies resident as it slithers on top of gate
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Resident stuck in 30cm wide crevice while retrieving dropped phone
Ha Tinh, Vietnam #General News
Resident trapped in second floor of burning university building rescued
Manila, Philippines #General News
Residents go fishing in waist-deep floods in India
Manipur, India #Climate & Weather
Indian resident puts Statue of Liberty on roof of house
Punjab, India #General News
Resident swims through flooded road amid heavy rain in China
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China #Climate & Weather
Locals hold procession for Iran president after helicopter crash
Tehran Province, Iran #General News
Resident woken up by monkey reaching through window
Sichuan, China #Wildlife
Water tank blast kills resident and injures two others when house collapses
Budgam #General News
Iran president helicopter crash wreckage seen in drone video
Iran #General News