French bulldog flinches at pet ball python
Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand #Pets
Monitor lizard trying to escape dog by hiding in convenience store caught
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand #Wildlife
Massive monitor lizard caught wandering around outside home
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Monitor lizard tangled in net outside canal home rescued by woman
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Fearless resident catches huge python outside neighbour's house
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Chinese man takes his pet crocodile for a 'walk' in lake
Jilin, China #Wildlife
Monitor lizard hitches ride on the back of pickup truck
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Wildlife
Snake emerges on motorcycle handlebars while owner rides home
Roi Et, Thailand #Wildlife
Reptile handler removes snake from inside man's shirt
Maharashtra, India #Wildlife
Massive crocodile ambles along road during rain in India
Maharashtra, India #Wildlife
Huge crocodile goes for a walk in front of stunned drivers in India
Maharashtra, India #Wildlife
Snake slithers across family's toilet in Thailand
Roi Et, Thailand #Wildlife
Terrified woman flees as snake flicks tongue on her leg
Chonburi, Thailand #Funny Virals
Monitor Lizard and pet dogs form unlikely friendship
Nonthaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Female teacher catches snake terrorising girls' toilet
Udon Thani, Thailand #Wildlife
Python sparks panic when it slithers into schoolgirl's desk during class
Saraburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Giant 'Godzilla' monitor lizard shuffles across street
Samut Prakan, Thailand #Wildlife
Three snakes coil around each other in mating ritual
Phichit, Thailand #Wildlife
Huge Godzilla-esque monitor lizard caught as it rampages through home
Saraburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Monitor lizard sparks panic as it tears through classroom
Phetchaburi, Thailand #Wildlife