Massive 10ft-long python holds up cars as it slithers across road in Thailand
Pathum Thani Province, Thailand #Wildlife
Rescuers hunt huge 15-ft python flushed out by floods in Thailand
Phuket, Thailand #Wildlife
Hungry python caught eating family’s lucky charm carp fish
Nonthaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Father saves and releases baby python stuck under family’s fridge
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Wild python caught raiding farm regurgitates entire duck
Ratchaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Large python flushed out by floods was caught on road in Thailand
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand #Wildlife
Firemen catch python sunbathing on bush in China
Liaoning, China #Wildlife
Grandmother, 54, eaten alive by 22ft-long python in Indonesia
Jambi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Bus forced to park after python hides inside its engine compartment in Thailand
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Wildlife
Python attacked by ants when it was stuck in chicken coop's net rescued in Thailand
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand #Wildlife
Huge cobra and python found battling to death on forest floor in Thailand
Phetchaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Brave aunties catch snake using bare hands when it raided their home at night
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Curious python slithers into local's home before showing itself out in Thailand
Ratchaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Giant python caught in durian farm after swallowing wild boar
Narathiwat, Thailand #Wildlife
Greedy python slithers into pet cage and eats TWO CATS in Thailand
Ang Thong, Thailand #Wildlife
Python hides in village water tank 'after escaping from floods' in Thailand
Ang Thong, Thailand #Wildlife
Massive 14ft-long python caught stalking pet cats and dogs in a home in Thailand
Chon Buri, Thailand #Wildlife
Huge snake regurgitates entire GOAT after raiding farm in Malaysia
Johor, Malaysia #Wildlife
Brave snake catcher climbs roof beam to catch massive 10ft-long python
Ratchaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Massive 17ft long python caught after eating family's pet dog
Chachoengsao, Thailand #Wildlife