Python gets in a tangle while slithering over electricity cables
Bangkok, Thailand #
Aggressive python caught after trying to eat farmer's chickens
Trang, Thailand #
Giant python terrifies market-goers in Thailand
Ratchaburi, Thailand #
Skilful snake wrangler catches python with one hand
Chon Buri, Thailand #
Terrified teachers find huge 17ft long python outside school in Thailand
Chachoengsao, Thailand #
Brave snake wrangler catches huge python curled up in roof
Ang Thong, Thailand #
Injured python treated on roadside after suffering wounds from fight with a dog
Samut Prakan, Thailand #
Schoolgirl, 11, devastated after python breaks into kitchen and eats her pet cat
Pathum Thai, Thailand #
Trucker drags away large python blocking road in Thailand
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand #
Schoolgirl, 11, devastated after finding her pet cat eaten by a python
Pathum Thai, Thailand #
Wild python caught hiding under a toilet in Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #
Farmer who forgot petrol cap finds 7ft long python slithering into fuel tank
Uttaradit, Thailand #
Terrifying moment python is caught in toilet after striking man's bottom
Samut Prakan, Thailand #
Two pythons found mating inside garden pot
Ang Thong, Thailand #
Python climbs tree by wrapping itself around trunk
Surat Thani, southern Thailand #
Massive 100 kg python caught outside home in Thailand
Chonburi, Thailand #
Huge python rescued after getting tangled in car wheel
Fuente Osmeña, Cebu #
Monitor lizard attempts to swallow huge python near canal
Ulu Pandan, Singapore #
Large python caught on roof of abandoned house
Chanthaburi, Thailand #
Fierce python tries to bite animal rescuer
Chon Buri, Thailand #