Firemen wrestle with huge python down the side of house in Indonesia
Jambi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Gargantuan 100kg python caught by villagers in Indonesia
South East Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Shocked motorcycle rider finds live SNAKE in the fuel tank
Phetchabun, Thailand #Wildlife
Killer python burned after eating mother in Indonesia
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Injured 20ft long python helped by passing motorcycle rider
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Huge snake found wrapped around motorcycle in Indonesia
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Firemen catch 17ft python in chicken coop in Indonesia
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Mother, 54, eaten alive by python before locals find her inside snake's belly
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Large python slithers into musical instrument shop in Thailand
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand #Wildlife
Python terrifies resident as it slithers on top of gate
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Horrified locals find cobra devouring a python
Surat Thani, Thailand #Wildlife
Chunky wild python found in grass at Buddhist temple
Chai Nat, Thailand #Wildlife
Police catch large python in Louisiana
LA, USA #Wildlife
Huge 12ft python caught after eating a pet cat
Chai Nat, Thailand #Wildlife
Massive monitor lizard eats python in Singapore
Singapore #Wildlife
Python raids family's garden for a drink of water during heat wave
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Wildlife
Firemen smash ceiling to remove huge python from family's home
Chonburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Snake catchers remove massive 13ft python clogging water pipe
Ayutthaya, Thailand #Wildlife
Python hiding under house rescued
Saraburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Huge python emerges on road during water fight
Chonburi, Thailand #Wildlife