Angry protesters burn mannequin head with dictator Min Aung Hlaing's face tied onto it
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) #General News
Protesters in Germany honour Burmese martyrs on 34th anniversary of historic '8888 People's Uprising'
Berlin, Germany #General News
Locals hold anti-junta protest on anniversary of historic 8888 People's Uprising in Myanmar
Myanmar (Burma) #General News
Angry couples demand refunds at overcrowded amusement park on Chinese Valentine's Day
Henan, China #General News
Protesters in Japan demand release of detained Japanese journalist covering demonstrations in Myanmar
Tokyo, Japan #General News
Brave villagers hold candle-lit protest against brutal military junta in Myanmar
Kani, Myanmar (Burma) #General News
Villagers protest against 'cruel military junta oppression' in Myanmar
Yinmabin, Myanmar (Burma) #General News
Youths in resistance stronghold protest Burmese military's iron-fisted regime
Yin Mar Bin, Myanmar (Burma) #General News
Burmese revolutionary forces vow to fight military dictatorship during protest
Sagaing, Myanmar (Burma) #General News
Protesters burn controversial Philippine president's image during his first State of the Nation Address
Metro Manila, Philippines #General News
Burmese protesters wave flags in protest against military's executions
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Human rights group protests in Kathmandu against Myanmar’s execution of four activists
Kathmandu, Nepal #General News
Protest against execution of four activists in front of Burmese embassy in London
London, UK #General News
Protesters do moving 'falling star' art performance against Burmese military
Chiang Mai, Thailand #General News
Anti-coup protesters hold strike on Burmese Martyrs' Day in Myanmar
Yinmabin, Myanmar (Burma) #General News
Vendors clash with riot police during demolition of market stalls in the Philippines
Cebu, Philippines #Conflict & Protests
Youth activists protest military dictatorship on eve of Burmese Martyr's Day in Myanmar
Yangon, Myanmar #Conflict & Protests
Student activists protest against military-supervised education system in Myanmar
Kachin State, Myanmar #Conflict & Protests
Youth protesters in Myanmar's Sagaing region march against military rule
Sagaing, Myanmar #Conflict & Protests
Protests break out following shooting of two Tamil men at India-Myanmar border
India-Myanmar border #General News