Buildings damaged during Women's Day rally in Mexico
Nuevo Leon, Mexico #Conflict & Protests
Revellers attack stage when band 'finishes set early' at festival in Thailand
Chachoengsao Province, Thailand #General News
Chaos as rioters attack police training centre in 'Cop City' Atlanta during protest
GA, USA #Conflict & Protests
Retirees sing protest anthem as they slam medical benefits cut in China
Hubei, China #Conflict & Protests
Elderly locals clash with police at protest over medical benefits cut in central China
Hubei, China #Conflict & Protests
Traffic delays as pensioners protest over slashed medical benefits in China
Hubei, China #Conflict & Protests
Rows of police stand guard as retirees protest China health reform
Hubei, China #Conflict & Protests
Elderly locals brave rain to stage protest over medical benefits cuts in central China
Hubei, China #Conflict & Protests
Fires burn at pension reform strikes outside Total's oil refinery in France
Donges, France #Conflict & Protests
Climate activists spray red paint at energy company after announcement of record profits in France
Paris, France #Conflict & Protests
Rampaging students riot in Pakistan school 'over religious disagreement'
Peshawar, Pakistan #Conflict & Protests
Crowds clash with riot police at pension reform protests in France
Paris, France #Conflict & Protests
Fire engulfs rooftop of vacant building amid political protests in Peru
Lima, Peru #Conflict & Protests
Chinese girl 'disappears' after criticism of Communist regime
Beijing, China #Conflict & Protests
Construction workers demand payment on Chinese mall's opening day
Jiangxi, China #Conflict & Protests
Riot cops come unstuck sinking in thick mud at protest in Germany
Lutzerath, Germany #Conflict & Protests
More than 70,000 flood streets to protest fanatical far-right rioters in Brazil
State of São Paulo, Brazil #Conflict & Protests
Antigen test factory workers clash with police as they protest over wages and layoffs in China
Chongqing, China #General News
Recent Tesla buyers hold protest demanding refunds over sudden price cuts in China
Shanghai, China #Conflict & Protests
Locals trash police car while flouting New Year fireworks ban in China
Henan, China #Conflict & Protests