PETA animal rights protesters confront university boss in London
London, UK #Conflict & Protests
Spanish farmers block roads in protest at cheaper imports
Spain #Conflict & Protests
Protesters hurled soup at Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris
Animal rights protesters interrupt Pope's prayer in Rome
Rome, Italy #Conflict & Protests
Motorists clash with pump workers who refused to serve petrol in India
Maharashtra, India #Conflict & Protests
Protesters in California demand Israel stop attacks on Gaza
CA, USA #Conflict & Protests
Delivery rider uses HORSE in busy traffic amid duel shortage in India
Telangana, India #General News
Climate warriors rally at UK Prime Minister's residence
London, UK #Conflict & Protests
Public transport groups protest over high fuel prices in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Palestine protester arrested by riot police in Frankfurt, German
Frankfurt, Germany #Conflict & Protests
Filipino Muslim mothers hold rally in support of Palestine amid conflict
Cotabato, Philippines #Conflict & Protests
Protesters camp outside Government House in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #Conflict & Protests
Protesters gather outside Government House in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #Conflict & Protests
Protests erupt in North Macedonia over medics 'who swapped cancer medicine for saline solution'
Skopje, North Macedonia #Conflict & Protests
Protests erupt against Japan releasing Fukushima water into ocean
Tokyo, Japan #Conflict & Protests
Sixteen protesters arrested at rally against Japanese release of Fukushima radioactive water
Seoul, South Korea #Conflict & Protests
South Africa taxi strikes descend into violence and looting
Cape Town, South Africa #Conflict & Protests
Activists stage topless protest against bullfighting in Majorca, Spain
Majorca, Spain #Conflict & Protests
Climate terrorists attack King Charles portrait in Edinburgh
Edinburgh, UK #Conflict & Protests
Protesters burn controversial Philippine president's effigy ahead of national speech
Metro Manila, Philippines #Conflict & Protests