Animal rights activists attack King Charles portrait at National Gallery in London
London, UK #Conflict & Protests
Women voters protest over 'broken promise' to pay them for cash after election
Delhi, India #Conflict & Protests
Lawyer scammed out of his life savings protests by pouring faeces over himself at bank
Ratchaburi, Thailand #General News
Climate protesters attack Duke of Westminster wedding attended by Prince William
Chester, UK #Conflict & Protests
Animal rights protester attacks Boston Red Sox baseball game
MA, USA #Conflict & Protests
Climate activists attack Monet masterpiece in Paris
Paris, France #Conflict & Protests
Food activist attacks Ministry of Agriculture in Paris, France
Paris, France #Conflict & Protests
Food protesters target supermarket in Paris
Paris, France #Conflict & Protests
Stewards tackle protester storming onto pitch at cup final in France
Lille, France #Conflict & Protests
Woman protests over potholes by sitting in dirty puddle
Telangana, India #Conflict & Protests
Food protesters vandalise French National Assembly with orange paint
Paris, France #Conflict & Protests
Food supply protesters scale City Hall in Lille, France
Lille, France #Conflict & Protests
Protesters join funeral for Thai hunger strike protester 'Bung' in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #Conflict & Protests
Food protesters target paintings in the Louvre
Paris, France #Conflict & Protests
Food supply protesters attack Palace of Versailles in Paris
Paris, France #Conflict & Protests
Michigan graduation ceremony attacked by Palestine protesters
Michigan, USA #Conflict & Protests
Police clash with anti-Israel protesters at Columbia University, New York
NY, USA #Conflict & Protests
New York cops clear protestors from Columbia University
NY, USA #Conflict & Protests
Pro-Palestine rally marches through Austin, Texas
TX, USA #Conflict & Protests
Animal rights activist crashes Massachusetts university event to protest monkey experiments
Massachusetts, USA #Conflict & Protests