Protesting farmers clash with riot police in Brussels
Brussels, Belgium #Conflict & Protests
Palestine supporters occupy London Bridge amid Gaza ceasefire calls
London, UK #Conflict & Protests
Traffic chaos as cars clog anti-protest checkpoints in New Delhi, India
Delhi, India #Cars & Vehicles
Police fire tear gas at protesting farmers in India
Punjab, India #Conflict & Protests
Police fire live rounds killing one farmer during protests in India
Punjab, India #Conflict & Protests
Protesting Indian farmers try to remove barricades blocking march
Punjab, India #Conflict & Protests
Amazon workers protest over pay in Coventry, UK
Coventry, UK #Conflict & Protests
GRAPHIC: Students run naked around school building in annual tradition to protest national issues
Manila, Philippines #Conflict & Protests
Students stage naked protest in annual tradition to oppose constitutional change
Manila, Philippines #Conflict & Protests
Protester crashes ball to denounce animal exploitation at Texas circus
TX, USA #Conflict & Protests
Police fire tear gas bombs on protesting farmers seeking better prices for their crops
Punjab, India #Conflict & Protests
Farmers clash with police during protests in India
Haryana, India #Conflict & Protests
Protesting farmers block roads as they converge on Delhi, India
Delhi, India #Conflict & Protests
Food protesters hijack debate in France
Strasbourg, France #Conflict & Protests
Climate terrorists attack Monet painting in France
Lyon, France #Conflict & Protests
PETA animal rights protesters confront university boss in London
London, UK #Conflict & Protests
Spanish farmers block roads in protest at cheaper imports
Spain #Conflict & Protests
Protesters hurled soup at Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris
Animal rights protesters interrupt Pope's prayer in Rome
Rome, Italy #Conflict & Protests
Motorists clash with pump workers who refused to serve petrol in India
Maharashtra, India #Conflict & Protests