Rowdy pooches carry out 'jailbreak' to chase after passing truck
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand #Pets
Russian doll dogs! Three pooches with ascending sizes run along street
Shandong, China #Funny Virals
Adorable Pomeranian pooches pose for pictures in front of tourists in Milan
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Robot dog scares real pooches at Thai pet expo event
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French bulldogs have their own water basins to cool off
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Dogs pile into owner after not seeing him for 10 days
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Pet dog alarm clock! Pooches roll and tumble over owners to wake them up
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World's worst guard dogs? Three pet pooches are pushed away by slithering snake
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Devoted dog lover sleeps in kennel with her pet pooches
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Hero pet dogs corner 10ft long rat snake in owner's garden
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Pet lovers have hilarious dog carrying competition to see how long they can hold their pooches
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Pampered pooches visit Valentine's Day pet market in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Stray dogs have turned mound of leftover sand into pooch apartment block
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Clever pet pooches help each other open and close dog gate
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Terrified teenager with fear of dogs climbs lamppost to escape stray mutts
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Pet dogs panic as magnitude 4.1 earthquake jolts home in Thailand
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Hilarious moment stray dogs chase after woman greeting them in China
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Dozens of dogs enjoy plane ride with owners amid push for 'revenue-generating' pet-friendly flights
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Adorable pooches cool off by playing fetch next to pond on hot summer day in St Petersburg, Russia
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Caring animal shelter staff use electric swatters to protect stray dogs from mosquitoes
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