Innocent pet dog rescued when he climbs out on roof to watch sunrise
Phuket, Thailand #Pets
Affectionate pet Golden Retriever dog excitedly greets owner after being away for days
Bang Khun Kong Subdistrict, Thailand #Pets
Charming pet dog rides moving tractor at farm in Thailand
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Pets
Naughty pet dog stuck in gate when he sneaks out to play with friends
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Newborn puppy revived with CPR after being buried under pile of sand at construction site
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Pets
Mischievous pet puppy with head stuck in gas cylinder's rescued
Suphan Buri, Thailand #Pets
Firemen rescue terrified dog stranded on ledge of high-rise building
Penang, Malaysia #Everyday Heroes
Excited dogs and cat share meal of noodles and rice on banana leaf for pooch's birthday
Leyte, Philippines #Pets
Calm pet dog rides on pickup truck roof
Kandal, Cambodia #Pets
Pomeranian wears red dress while walking on its back legs
Phnom Penh, Cambodia #Funny Virals
Dog with head stuck in pipe freed
Phnom Penh, Cambodia #Pets
Rescuers pull apart thick steel bars of gate to free stuck German Shepherd pooch in Thailand
Chonburi, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Little boy wearing Santa hat uses dozy pet pooch as phone holder
Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand #Pets
Adorable pet dog rides skateboard in Brazil
Florianópolis, Brazil #Pets
Kind shop owner saves stray dog injured in hit-and-run in Thailand
Samut Prakan, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Hot-tempered tiny Pomerianian chases away Siberian Husky dog twice its size
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Cheeky pet dog kicks owner’s bottom while she was busy scrolling on her phone
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand #Pets
Pirate's life! Rescue dog rides boat every day at work with new adopted owner
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Pet dog enjoys first snow of the year in South Korea
Incheon, South Korea #Climate & Weather
Smart stray dog uses zebra crossing on busy road
Pasig, Philippines #Pets