Overdramatic French bulldog fakes limp to catch owner's attention
Sakon Nakhon, Thailand #Pets
Guilty pet dog bows down while being scolded for chewing on power plug
Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand #Pets
Friendly pet dog asks monk for meat skewers
Chonburi, Thailand #Pets
Real-life Hachiko dog waits two months for owner to return
Uthai Thani, Thailand #Pets
Adorable pet Shih Tzu smiles widely as owner greets him
Batangas, Philippines #Pets
Adorable pet dogs sleep while owners playfully bury them in sand
Songkhla, Thailand #Pets
Royal Navy officers jump into sea to save drowning puppy in Malaysia
Perak, Malaysia #Pets
Loving pet owner puts dog safely on motorcycle while walking across flooded street
Metro Manila, Philippines #Climate & Weather
Naughty pet Shih Tzu dog escapes with his owner’s slippers and hides under table
Batangas, Philippines #Pets
Adorable pet dog mum smiles at owner while breastfeeding baby
Metro Manila, Philippines #Pets
Adorable pet dog sits on table while family sings happy birthday song
Metro Manila, Philippines #Pets
Cute toy dogs help each other finish food so they can all play together
Metro Manila, Philippines #Pets
Two pet dog stuck in gap under house rescued
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Hero pet dogs corner 10ft long rat snake in owner's garden
Udon Thani, Thailand #Pets
Pet dog fights with snake blocking owners on road
Chaiyaphum, Thailand #Pets
Cute pet dog brings home trash as gifts to bribe owner while playing outside without permission
Bulacan, Philippines #Pets
Pet rescue dog enjoys fun rides standing on top of truck's bonnet
Ratchaburi, Thailand #Pets
Ruff-eree! Dog runs away with football at game between children's teams
Guangdong Province, China #Pets
Pet dog rescued after falling into hole while chasing stray cat
Prachin Buri, Thailand #Pets
Excited pet dogs knock down owner while giving her warm welcome home
Chumphon, Thailand #Pets