Adorable Pomeranian puppies cool off with ice tubes while sleeping
Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand #Pets
Pet Pomeranian dog hides in bedroom when glass shatters
Chon Buri, Thailand #Pets
Plucky pet Pomeranian chases terrified stallion around stable yard
Krabi, Thailand #Pets
Pet dog looks so crestfallen it will melt your heart
Samut Sakhon, Thailand #Pets
Clingy pet dog refuses to leave grandma who fed him delicious lunch on Chinese New Year
Singapore #Pets
Innocent pet dog rescued when he climbs out on roof to watch sunrise
Phuket, Thailand #Pets
Fire crew rescue 70 tiny Pomeranian dogs and pet cats from burning home in California
CA, USA #Pets
Loving pet owner carries Pomeranian dog on baby stroller
Chonburi, Thailand #Pets
Pomeranian wears red dress while walking on its back legs
Phnom Penh, Cambodia #Funny Virals
Hot-tempered tiny Pomerianian chases away Siberian Husky dog twice its size
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Adorable pet Pomeranian has a slick trim at grooming salon
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Adorable pet cats and dogs have cute hair the cutest hair cuts at this salon
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Grumpy pet Pomeranians fight with each other while wearing adorable costumes
Busan, South Korea #Pets
Tiny brave pet Pomeranian dog scares away ‘Godzilla' monitor lizard
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Pets
Clingy pet Pomeranian dog pulls owner's pants to keep her from leaving
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Stubborn pet Pomeranian refuses to leave car's passenger seat
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) #Pets
Adorable pet Pomeranian falls asleep in front of steering wheel
Chonburi, Thailand #Pets
Fluffy pet Pomeranian rescued after sticking its head inside can
Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand #Pets
Pet Pomeranian rings service bell to be fed treats
Bueng Kan, Thailand #
Stylish Pomeranian enjoys beach holiday wearing adorable summer outfit
Pattaya, Thailand #Pets