Motorcycle rider carries plants on his head
Siem Reap, Cambodia #Climate & Weather
Coconut tree has a hole but it remains alive and healthy
Laguna, Philippines #General News
Tumbleweeds block in house entrance in Colorado
CO, USA #Natural World
Mum curls daughter's hair using leaf stalks of cassava
Kanchanaburi, Thailand #Lifestyle
Mother curls girl's hair using leaf stalks of cassava
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Customs dismantle illegal cannabis plantation with nearly 100 plants
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Impressive vegetables on show at horticulture exhibit in India
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Farmer cuts open watermelon and calabash hybrid crop
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Hawker rides motorcycle side car stacked with plants
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Nature lovers revel in colourful flora during vibrant flower fair in Thailand
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Pet dog sits inside small pond with floating azolla plants to cool off
Nong Bua Lam Phu, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Snails feast on eggshells on mum's potted plants
Ratchaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Clumsy pet cat chews leaves from owner's plant and breaks its pot
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Shocked resident finds aggressive monkeys damaging her balcony plants
Songkhla, Thailand #Wildlife
Baby boy faceplants on floor when rubber seat topples over
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Underwater quicksand bubbles in pond in Thailand
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Pet dogs leap like kangaroos among tall rice plants
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Student makes device that tells owner when plants are thirsty... with hilarious message
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Scared cat somersaults to flee from snake hiding behind plants
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Mother faceplants in front of her house as she rushes to fetch drink
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