Snake slithers past man's feet as he fidgets with phone
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Beach video goes wrong when wave washes away phone
Zambales, Philippines #General News
Smartphone's shattered screen has unique marble effect
Jiangxi, China #Technology
Teenager killed from electric shock while charging smartphone in bed
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Young woman accidentally drops brand-new iPhone down lift shaft
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Snake frightens man when it emerges in front of him while uses phone
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Pet alpaca annoys scam caller as it answers phone for owner in China
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Smartphone explodes in man's pocket as he visits bank
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Boy brings bag full of money to shop to buy phone
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Macaque snatches iPhone 15 Pro from woman's hand... then returns it for sweets
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Great Hornbill bird stops border patrol officer from using phone while having coffee
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Leopard enters office as boy, 12, plays on phone
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Man caught trying to smuggle gold jewelry and iPhones hidden in clothes and butter packets
#General News
Woman's phone still functions after falling from the 27th floor of the building
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Shop paints earphones with custom gold designs in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Pensioner, 68, dives in chilly pond to retrieve tourist's dropped phone
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Popular indian singer strikes man with mic and throws his phone in crow
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Baby zoo gorilla captivated by model's video playing on visitor's phone
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Emotional moment Calum Scott cries when audience turn on phone lights
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Pickpocket caught on CCTV stealing woman's iPhone in India
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