Bedridden grandmother, 85, rescued from flooded houseboat on river
Ayutthaya, Thailand #General News
Pensioner, 68, burned alive in sauna in Thailand
Nonthaburi, Thailand #General News
Brave pensioner, 89, catches large snake bare-handed in China
Henan, China #Wildlife
Police catch alligator in home of grandmother, 104, in Florida
FL, USA #Wildlife
British pensioner's apartment catches fire sparking mass evacuation
Chon Buri, Thailand #General News
Pensioner practices space walking move on park fitness equipment
Sichuan, China #Awesomeness
Residents rescue stranded pensioner from Afghanistan floods
Baghlan, Afghanistan #Climate & Weather
Granny smash! Blue-rinse pensioners attack Magna Carta in British Library
London, UK #Conflict & Protests
Creative pensioner flys kite made from plastic bags
Guangdong Province, China #Awesomeness
Excited pet dog knocks over pensioner shuffling along pavement
Bangkok, Thailand #Conflict & Protests
Pensioner makes awesome cockatoo ice sculpture for wedding
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Awesomeness
Pensioner, 64, rescues girl struggling to stay afloat in river
Shandong Province, China #Heartwarming
Horror moment territorial pet dog attacks grandmother, 71, cleaning its dog bowl
Ayutthaya, Thailand #Pets
Pensioner savagely bitten and dragged by wild boar that invaded village
Chongqing, China #Wildlife
Huge python slithers into pensioner's home to seek respite from heat in Thailand
Ang Thong, Thailand #Wildlife
Pensioner rides bike backwards down steps in China
Jilin Province, China #Awesomeness
British pensioner, 65, impaled on garden railings after 'trying to climb into house while drunk'
Chon Buri, Thailand #General News
Elderly Romanian woman shows vitality ploughing field
Romania #Heartwarming
Senior citizen spotted flying giant kite shaped like centipede
Hebei Province, China #Awesomeness
Pensioner's corpse found stashed in suitcase in Calcutta, India
West Bengal, India #General News