Buffaloes stampede through music concert
Roi Et, Thailand #General News
British DJs arrested for 'working illegally in Thailand'
Krabi, Thailand #General News
Classmates perform song with different length pipes
Jiangsu, China #Awesomeness
Reveller plays drum kit on floating river raft
Chiang Rai Province, Thailand #Awesomeness
Dog rolls on the floor dancing to concert music
Roi Et Province, Thailand #Pets
Chinese woman crafts miniature string instrument using elastic bands and box
Gansu Province, China #General News
Chef plays traditional music while cat sits on instrument
Sichuan Province, China #Awesomeness
Thai university to sue Miss Global beauty pageant for music rights infringement
Khon Kaen, Thailand #General News
Marching band hold street parade for festival in the Philippines
Manila, Philippines #Food & Travel
Shop paints earphones with custom gold designs in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Farmer throws 'Disco Parties' as he puts on upbeat music for his pigs
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Young musician plays marching drums at a festival in the Philippines
Quezon, Philippines #Heartwarming
Singer flexes his awesome human saxophone skills
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Wheelchair user crowd surfs at rock concert in China
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Adorable pet French Bulldog shakes body to lute string music
Yasothon Province, Thailand #Pets
Christmas spirits! Boy plays carols on wine glass xylophone with plastic container for drum
Metro Manila, Philippines #Awesomeness
Kindergarten boy sings national song like heavy metal singer
Chaiyaphum, Thailand #Cute Kids
Cat stretches while listening to traditional Chinese instrument
Beijing, China #Pets
Shop uses acoustic guitar as door chime
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Korean tourists captivated by girl drummer's street performance
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