Python lunges at motorist who tries to kick it out of road
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Super-cool pet cats wear eyeglasses while hanging out with owner
Mukdahan, Thailand #Pets
Shocking moment driver makes sharp left turn and hits motorcycle rider
Jiangsu, China #Cars & Vehicles
Stuck stray kitten rescued from inside motorcycle engine
Si Sa Ket, Thailand #Heartwarming
Pet dog sends off boy to school and jumps on motorcycle's back to ride home
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Snake slithers behind mechanic and hides under motorbike at shop
Chanthaburi, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Pet Border Collie's motorcycle skills leave owner amused
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Motorcycle rider helps pull woman out of car accident wreckage
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Van flips up on road and lands on passing motorcycle rider
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Out-of-control car takes out row of motorcyles like dominoes
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Quick-thinking father saves child from electric scooter mishap
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Food delivery rider travels with two pet cats on his shoulders
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Drugs suspect crashes into shop while fleeing police
Bangkok, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Careless motorcycle rider fails to notice son falling from seat
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Motorcycle bursts into flames as man sits on it in garage
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Kind motorcycle rider runs to middle of junction to save lost kitten
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Tabby cat keeps hold of rat it caught under motorcycle
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American and Luxembourg tourist killed by Russian driver in Thailand
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