Child on electric bike flings himself onto road to avoid being crushed by lorry
Ningxia, China #Cars & Vehicles
Dozens of bees form chain hanging from light
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Light fixtures sway in office during earthquake in the Philippines
Iloilo, Philippines #Natural World
Cabin crew surprise passenger on his birthday
Hong Kong #Heartwarming
Mount Lewotobi eruption causes flight cancellations in Indonesia
East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia #Natural World
Turkey battles wildfires triggered by lightning in Turkey
Turkey #General News
Warm encounter with a fluffy Samoyed delights passing driver
Guangxi, China #Pets
Strange light in sky that sparked alien fears turn out to be plane flying through thick clouds
Prachin Buri, Thailand #General News
Passengers swelter as flight is delayed for two hours without air-con
Shanghai, China #General News
Dad with lighting fast reactions catches baby falling from shop counter
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Cute Kids
Stunning cloud iridescence with rainbow-coloured highlights shine in Singapore
Singapore #Natural World
Tiger seen sauntering down road undisturbed by cars or headlights
Heilongjiang, China #Wildlife
Turbulence injures 40 passengers on flight from Madrid
Madrid, Spain #General News
Phuket floods swamp homes as severe rain causes flight diversions
Phuket, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Phuket floods swamp streets with flights diverted due to monsoon rain
Phuket, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Meng Lan the panda delights crowds in China
Beijing, China #Wildlife
Thunderstorm illuminates night sky with purple hues in China
Liaoning, China #Climate & Weather
Lucky schoolgirl dancing on roof narrowly avoids lightning strike
Bihar, India #Climate & Weather
Exploding lighter left on hot rice sends meal flying leaving one young man unable to see
Henan, China #General News
Rare 'Buddha's light' phenomenon seen on mountain in China
Shandong, China #Natural World