Shoplifting dog steals plush puppy in Brazil
Paraná, Brazil #Pets
Cute pet dog wears tiny hard hat and suit to join owner do construction work
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand #Pets
Strong Muay Thai boxing girl lifts two giggly children on her muscular arms
Bangkok, Thailand #Awesomeness
Workers plunge to ground floor when cables snapped on lift in Venezuela
Zulia, Venezuela #General News
Thai health minister welcomes big-spending Chinese tourists as travel restrictions lift
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Delighted young lad in wheelchair lifted into air at rock concert in Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #Awesomeness
Reliable youngster shields siblings as forklift approaches
Guangdong, China #Cars & Vehicles
Injured baby elephant airlifted from forest after being abandoned by herd in Thailand
Kanchanaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Bungling worker damages elevator by blocking doors with glass panel
Hubei, China #Funny Virals
Paraplegic villager uses DIY elevator to enter his house
Sukhothai, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Elevator door slides shut while worker drags trolley inside
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Kind motorcycle rider helps disabled man along road by pulling his wheelchair in Costa Rica
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Stranded trawlerman airlifted off stricken fishing boat in Argentina
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Parents take kids on 'DIY train' ride after brutal lockdown is lifted in Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China #Cute Kids
Helicopter crew airlifts stroke victim from trawler in Argentina
Argentina #Everyday Heroes
Selfish resident uses hand fan 'to keep elevator doors open' in China
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Boy, 8, lifts heavy weights like a pro athlete
Zamboanga City, the Philippines #Sport
Two workers killed in horror lift plunge from 38th floor in the Philippines
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Worker plunges to her death after driving motor trolley into lift shaft in China
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Unlucky moment apartment resident drops phone into elevator door gap
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