Fishing boat sinks as bow dips into river in southern China
Yunnan, China #General News
Kind villager rescues calf stuck in canal while drinking water
Chiang Mai Province, Thailand #Wildlife
Pet kitten suffers instant karma after drinking out of catfish water tank
Hebei, China #Pets
Desperate locals collect rainwater in bottles amid shortage of clean drinking water
Phnom Penh, Cambodia #Climate & Weather
Quick-thinking dad stops baby son from grabbing liquor bottle from shelf
Ningxia, China #Funny Virals
Quick-thinking pedestrian leaps away from out-of-control pickup truck as it crashes inches from him
Roi Et, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Family stuck on sinking boat rescued in Indonesia
Lampung, Indonesia #
Quick-thinking gold shop assistant stops thief with a flying kick
Nakhon Sawan, Thailand #
Furious wife, 43, shoots husband's PENIS with a fishing harpoon because he 'went drinking with frien
Buriram, Thailand #General News
Quick-thinking truck performs handbrake turn to avoid hitting clumsy motorcycle rider
Phatthalung, Thailand #
Hilarious moment man faceplants into ice bucket after drinking too much alcohol with friends
Bangkok, Thailand #
Quick-thinking driver dodges toddler running into road
Tak, Thailand #
Quick-thinking kid extinguishes fire from electric heater
Guizhou, China #
Thai men relax drinking beer while fire rages behind them
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Bird cafe lets customers play with the exotic pets while drinking coffee
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Quick-thinking women push against collapsing wine rack in China
Shanxi, China #
Quick-thinking mother uses broom to catch son falling down stairs in baby walker
Hebei, China #
Quick-thinking fisherman jumps into water to escape hornet attack
Kanchanaburi, Thailand #
Quick-thinking driver doges toddler running out into road
Patum Thani, Thailand #
Friendly baby buffalo enjoys drinking milk from an old woman’s lap everyday
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #