Quick-thinking dad catches toddler falling headlong from sofa
Liaoning, China #Cute Kids
Modified car shows off blinking headlights
Jiangsu, China #Cars & Vehicles
Quick-thinking father saves child from electric scooter mishap
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Baby sun bear sits on caretaker's lap drinking milk from bottle
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Quick-thinking driver saves car rolling away without handbrake
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Quick-thinking brother saves toddler with head trapped under blanket
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Quick-thinking driver steps on brakes to avoid jaywalkers crossing road
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Large plumes of smoke seen rising over Kerch Bridge linking Crimea to Russia
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Quick-thinking chef puts out fire in kitchen
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Drinker uses hack to turn beer can into a more respectable drinking cup
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Pensioner, 69, dies after drinking 'coffee Viagra for romp with escort in pay-by-the hour motel'
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Quick-thinking pedestrian stops metal barrier from rolling into car during storm
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Quick-thinking cafe staff put out fire in kitchen
Khon Kaen, Thailand #General News
Coast guard rescues two Canadians from sinking ship
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Quick-thinking driver dodges huge boulder plunging from mountain onto road
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Dog sinking in thick mud fights off monitor lizard at swampy dried-up river
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Pensioner stuck in sinking car pulled from river by heroic passers-by in China
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