Hero locals save drowning tourist who fell from jet ski on Thai beach
Chonburi, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Hero rescuers cross river and climb mountain to save stray dog stuck on cliff for four days
Selangor, Malaysia #Pets
Hero pet dog chases away aggressive strays that try to attack schoolboy
Trang, Thailand #Pets
Hero local climbs down steep reservoir bank to save stray dog stuck in water
Chonburi, Thailand #Pets
Hero passerby helps dog with fishing hook stuck in its mouth
Chon Buri, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Hero resident saves wild bird he found drowning in well
Surat Thani, Thailand #Wildlife
Hero residents rescue kitten drowning in dirty canal
Bangkok, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Heroic deer overcoming leg amputation after escaping from poachers in Thailand
Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand #Wildlife
Hero mum saves two-year-old from climbing over stair rail
Batangas, Philippines #Cute Kids
Hero villagers rescue cow stuck for two days in ditch
Buriram, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Hero motorcycle rider pulls boy from road in front of oncoming car
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Heroin stuffed in fruit cans bound for Hong Kong seized in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Hero residents remove molten rubber covering stray puppy
Chon Buri, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Hero tourist from New Zealand 'shot dead by armed robbers for defending girlfriend'
Metro Manila, Philippines #General News
Hero rider pulls over at bridge to save lost cat
Nonthaburi, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Hero son sacrifices himself to save mother in devil dog attack
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #General News
Hero driver helps put out fire from burning car on motorway
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Hero students stop football game to help stray dog stuck in goal net
Nakhon Phanom, Thailand #Pets
Hero passer-by uses his LEG as a rope to rescue woman who slipped into lake
Yunnan, China #Everyday Heroes
Hero passer-by lies in water to use his body as a bridge for stranded tourists to walk to safety
Shandong, China #Everyday Heroes