Niece's DIY haircut fails when aunt cuts it too short
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Russian tourist furious over his new haircut HACKS OFF barber's fringe in revenge
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Barber shaves awesome portrait haircut onto the back of his own head
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Cat squints his eyes while having hair cut he does not seem to want
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Mechanic chops friend's hair with machete in cheap but bizarre DIY salon
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Adorable pet cats and dogs have cute hair the cutest hair cuts at this salon
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Christiano Ronaldo super-fan shaves star's face into the back of his head
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Hardworking schoolboy, 7, works as hairdresser at mum's shop 'to earn his own money for Lego toys'
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Superstitious Thai woman refuses to have haircut for 10 years as 'cursed' hair keeps regrowing in tangles
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Devoted husband shaves head in solidarity with cancer-stricken wife
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Kind hairdresser gives free haircuts to people struggling during Covid-19 pandemic
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