Adorable pet dog plays pretend baker's shop with little girl using mud
Chachoengsao, Thailand #
Cambodian schoolgirl, 10, electrocuted by iPhone after watching movies while it was charging
Cambodia #
Yuck! Thai girl eats 12 different types of protein-rich fried insects
Bangkok, Thailand #
Schoolgirl frantically removes motorcycle helmet stuck on her head after school
Selangor, Malaysia #
Little girl enjoys munching live worms like they are candies
Mindanao, Philippines #
Schoolgirl, 11, devastated after python breaks into kitchen and eats her pet cat
Pathum Thai, Thailand #
Girl's dancing video fails when garden table breaks
Yasothon, Thailand #
Schoolgirl, 11, devastated after finding her pet cat eaten by a python
Pathum Thai, Thailand #
Girl shocked after seeing HUGE spider next to her head
Rizal Province, Phillippines #
Girl, 2, born without arms or right leg uses her only foot to play with toys and eat food
East Kalimantan, Indonesia #
Schoolgirl, 10, in intensive care after being hit by stray firework from Buddhist funeral
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #
Schoolgirl, 12, has two-foot-long ovarian tumour removed in Thailand
Suphanburi, Thailand #
Curious three-year-old girl uses a metal ring as choker before it was stuck around her neck
Yogyakarta, Indonesia #
Passenger surprises air hostess girlfriend with mile-high marriage proposal
Philippines #
Swiss biker injured and girlfriend passenger killed after colliding with truck
Krabi, Thailand #
Girl, 6, killed and 28 others injured after school bus crashes in Thailand
Khon Kaen, Thailand #
Jealous Thai man stabs ex-girlfriend to death at dental clinic
Ratchaburi, Thailand #
Aggressive dog chases schoolgirl and bites her
Phuket, Thailand #
Thai schoolgirl, 16, electrocuted after playing games on phone while it was charging
Rayong, Thailand #
Pet bird plays hide-and-seek under girl's braided hair
Bangkok, Thailand #