Jealous daughter throws tantrum at parents' prenup shoot
Baybay Roxas City, Capiz #Funny Virals
Wild monkey kidnaps girl, 3, playing alone in China
Chongqing, China #Wildlife
Out-of-control electric motorcycle rams parked car after girl accidentally pushes accelerator
Guangdong, China #General News
Ukraine girl, 4, pleads for help after hiding for a MONTH in steel plant
Mariupol, Ukraine #General News
Hero passers-by lifted a car to save a girl trapped underneath in China
Zhejiang province, China #General News
Jealous Thai man sets girlfriend on fire ‘because she waved at neighbour'
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Teenage girl, 14, persuades boyfriend, 16, to kill strict mum 'because she stopped them from seeing each other'
Samut Prakan, Thailand #General News
Little girl has fairytale-like hobby riding on giant turtle's BACK
Bangkok, Thailand #
Motorcycle rider hits little girl on bike before crashing into a lamppost
Pattani, Thailand #
Dozens of Thai hostess girls have antigen tests before starting their shift
Bangkok, Thailand #
Little girl argues with mother after she is made to read a word repeatedly
General Trias Cavite, Philippines #
Surprised bar-goers find little girl copying coyote dancer in Thailand
Phuket, Thailand #
Old man delighted by sexy 'coyote girls' dancing on stage at village wedding
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #
Three heroic sisters found dead after saving a seven-year-old girl from drowning in river in Thailan
Kanchanaburi, Thailand #
Ukrainian girl sings 'Let It Go' from Disney's 'Frozen' to stricken locals in air raid shelter as bo
Kyiv, Ukraine #
Huge wild cobra hiding inside dorm toilet sparks panic at all-girls school
Krabi, Thailand #
Birthday girl finds $30k cash surprise hidden inside cake
Bangkok, Thailand #
Boyfriend stages fake DRUGS BUST with help of police to propose to girlfriend
Iligan City, the Philippines #
Wave crashes into three girls posing for pictures in their bikinis
Pangasinan, the Philippines #
Pet Golden Retriever hijacks little girl's hammock while she swings
Sisaket, Thailand #