Cute girl gives pet dog relaxing back massage
Khon Kaen, Thailand #
Painting falls on girl after her sister kicks it loose from wall
Hebei, China #
Cat quarrels with another moggie 'like an angry girlfriend'
Muntinlupa #
Little girls use gate to make fireworks sounds during New Year in the Philippines
Batangas province, the Philippines #
Abandoned newborn baby girl found alive in wheelie bin on New Year's Day in Phuket, Thailand
Phuket, Thailand #
ADD: British pensioner, 80, arrested after 'handcuffing and chaining girl, 14, for child porn photo
Nong Khai, Thailand #
British pensioner, 80, arrested after 'handcuffing and chaining girl, 14, for child porn photos' in
Nong Khai, Thailand #
Newborn baby girl found ALIVE covered in cuts and insect bites despite spending two days abandoned i
Krabi, Thailand #
Girl and her pet play together inside refrigerator
Plaridel Bulacan, the Philippines #
Girl crashes through convenience store ceiling in China
Sichuan, China #
Girl shows how to burn large spider before eating it
Chanthaburi, Thailand #
Girl shows how to cook a spicy SPIDER salad in rural Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #
Abandoned newborn baby girl rescued after being dumped in a bin in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #
Thailand motor show opens with girls in face masks along with luxury models from Rolls Royce and Ast
Bangkok, Thailand #
Brave students rescue girl who fell into frozen lake in China
Gansu, China #
Abandoned baby girl found alive inside shopping delivery bag in Indonesia
Indonesia #
Woman gives birth to baby girl mid-air on flight to the Philippines
Philippines #
Terrified office girls scream as wild monitor lizard storms into building
Koh Samui, Thailand #
Thai girl eats deep fried scorpion street food in Bangkok
Bangkok #
CCTV captures man 'pickpocketing girl for her smartphone' in China
Jilin, China #