Schoolgirl-themed birthday party raided by police in Thailand
Udon Thani, Thailand #General News
Girl injured when car reverses into her in alley in India
Gujarat, India #Cars & Vehicles
Firemen save toddler trapped in washing machine
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Everyday Heroes
Girls have amusing roller skating fails when they hit ramp
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Electric fan overspins and sends debris hurtling towards two girls
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Girl makes impressive snooker trick shot with bottle
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Schoolgirls have heartwarming reunion outside class
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Pet parrot and girl sleep peacefully next to each other
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Wild monkey terrorises girls at second hand store
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Bus races to hospital when pregnant passenger suddenly goes into labour
Kerala, India #Everyday Heroes
Bus takes detour and races to hospital for woman onboard giving birth
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Diner ignores rain to continue eating noodles during storm
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No friends? No problem! Girl shows how to enjoy a seesaw alone
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Picturesque video goes wrong when wooden walkway breaks
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Schoolgirl, 11, killed when courtyard bench collapses into septic tank
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Doting mum styles baby girl's hair like a firecracker
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IDF finds hostage video of kidnapped girl, 8, now released by Hamas
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Chinese girl demonstrates smooth gymnastic moves
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Wild monkey breaks into girl's dormitory causing chaos in China
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