Motorbike bursts into flames as rider picks up his phone
Maharashtra, India #Cars & Vehicles
Flames rip through ATM at bus station in India
Punjab, India #Conflict & Protests
Captain stripped of licence as plane bursts into flames
Chongqing, China #General News
Rider flees as motorcycle bursts into flames on roadside
Lanao del Sur, Philippines #Cars & Vehicles
Pump attendant calmly douses flames engulfing lorry at petrol station
Telangana, India #Cars & Vehicles
Plane engine bursts into flames mid-air forcing emergency landing
Karnataka, India #General News
Boeing 747 makes emergency landing at Indonesia airport due to engine fire
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #General News
Motorcycle catches fire sparking panic among shop staff
Bangkok, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Car bursts into flames sparking traffic chaos in India
Uttar Pradesh, India #General News
Gas cylinder explodes as fire engulfs shops in India
Uttar Pradesh, India #General News
Motorbike bursts into flames in traffic in Thailand
Chiang Rai, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
House engulfed in flames in Nepal neighbourhood
Sunsari, Nepal #General News
Diving boat engulfed in flames in southern Thailand
Phang-nga, Thailand #General News
Tour boat engulfed in flames in southern Thailand
Phang-nga, Thailand #General News
Reflective tape bursts into flames after touching power line
Chongqing, China #General News
Man's face engulfed in fireball while trying to get lighter gifted from wife to work
Shandong, China #General News
Flames spout from bloated mule's belly during vet's unconventional treatment
Hubei, China #General News
Woman nearly engulfed by flames while attempting to toss out burning pan
Hubei, China #Funny Virals
Smoker dodges fireball when cigarette lighter explodes in flames
Sichuan, China #General News
Pot catches fire in restaurant but passing taxi rider puts out flames
Bangkok, Thailand #General News