Heroic fisherman saves woman swept away by river in China
Hunan, China #Climate & Weather
Passing fishermen rescue woman floating at sea during storm off Thai coast
Satun, Thailand #Heartwarming
Excited tourists make a splash collecting fish on beach
Guangdong, China #General News
Incredible moment locals use nets to catch fish on flooded roads in India
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Blackchin tilapia fish invade waterways in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Fisherman reels in live pig during routine fishing trip
Shanghai, China #Pets
Blackchin tilapia fish invade waterways in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Thousands of blackchin tilapia fish invade rivers around Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Police on parachute training lands on river and unwittingly catches fish with harness
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You had one job! Spa fish refuse to bite human feet
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Arapaima kept in tiny tank jumps out and dies
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Angry wife throws angler husband's fishing gear out of car to prevent him fishing on hotday
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Fishermen rescue sea turtle stuck in net
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Huge fish overpowers angler and drags him into lake
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Woman playfully greets cows but gets nudged into lake
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Fish in China snatches cockroach in dramatic aquatic hunt
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Chinese Woman catches fish by hand on roadside
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Intelligent loaches respond to owner's commands in China
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Fisherman's catch stolen by a crane wandering along lakeside
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Toddler crawls in water to feed dozens of koi carp
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