Hairdryer catches fire in salon while beautician styles client
Samut Sakhon, Thailand #General News
Tourists run screaming from burning bus in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Cannon fired across Turkey to celebrate Erdogan victory
Turkey #General News
Firefighters rescue hapless stray cat skewered on 2ft fence spike in Thailand
Tak, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Frantic drivers fight to control fire as it engulfs polystyrene blocks on back of truck
Shandong, China #Cars & Vehicles
Firefighters battle inferno engulfing pick-up truck loaded with solvent bottles
Nakhon Sawan, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Black smoke plume rises from burning pick-up truck as fire spreads to wooden home
Nakhon Sawan #Cars & Vehicles
Panic as huge fire tears through wooden house next to highway in Thailand
Nakhon Sawan, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Russia claims its forces fired on Ukrainian positions using Vasilek automatic mortar gun
Ukraine #Conflict & Protests
Dazzling fireworks illuminate St. Petersburg, Russia on 'International Peter's Festival of Fireworks'
St Petersburg, Russia #General News
Colourful fireworks mark closing of 'International Peter's Festival of Fireworks' in St Petersburg, Russia
St Petersburg, Russia #General News
Pick-up truck carrying dozens of paint thinner bottles bursts into flames near homes in Thailand
Nakhon Sawan, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Large fire rips through 289k USD luxury pool villa under construction in Thailand
Chonburi, Thailand #General News
Raging fire engulfs pick-up truck loaded with paint thinner bottles next to houses in Thailand
Nakhon Sawan, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Pilot caught taking photos of female intern in toilet fired in China
Fujian, China #General News
Gas canister erupts in flames as resident tries to cook in garage
Chiang Mai, Thailand #General News
Husband injured when gas explosion tears through family's kitchen in Thailand
Chachoengsao, Thailand #General News
Fire ravages historic post office in the Philippines
Metro Manila, Philippines #General News
Mobile phone explodes in diner's pocket at cafe in India
Kerala, India #General News
Fire destroys historic post office from American occupation in the Philippines
Metro Manila, Philippines #General News