Mass brawl eruprts in Italian parliament leaving lawmaker injured
Rome, Italy #General News
Firemen wrestle with huge python down the side of house in Indonesia
Jambi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Fire ravages shops in Delhi, northern India
Delhi, India #General News
Female MMA fighter Puja Tomar receives hero’s welcome on return to India
Delhi, India #Sport
Pomeranian pooch protects grandmother from pretend fight
Leyte, Philippines #Pets
Firemen remove monitor lizard stuck down the side of home in Indonesia
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Kitten trapped in ventilation shaft for four days finally rescued in Russia
Novgorod Oblast, Russia #General News
Kuwait fire kills 49 and injures dozens inside apartment block
Mangaf, Kuwait #General News
Swiss fighter jet makes smooth landing on motorway
Bern, Switzerland #Cars & Vehicles
Russian firemen rescue hedgehog from wildfire in Crimea
Feodosia #Wildlife
White water rafting guides whack tourists with oars in fight over prices in India
Uttarakhand, India #General News
Airport security guards suspended for fighting in front of passengers at Bangkok Airport
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Firefighters rescue two sisters trapped outside window during apartment inferno
Fujian Province, China #Everyday Heroes
Horses fighting on road hold up traffic in Tibet
Tibet, China #Wildlife
Swiss fighter jet makes smooth-as-butter landing on motorway
Bern, Switzerland #General News
Two mothers square off in playground in China
Chongqing, China #Funny Virals
Firemen rescue injured dog stuck on cliff after fight with raccoon
CA, USA #Everyday Heroes
Firemen rescue kitten stuck in car engine in Los Angeles, California
CA, USA #Heartwarming
Juvenile deer stuck in gate released by firemen in France
Oise, France #Wildlife
F-18 Super Hornet makes the perfect 'butter landing' on aircraft carrier
Yemen #Conflict & Protests