Cheeky stray cat steals sausage from shop in China
Shanghai, China #Pets
Cat in deep sleep scares owner by refusing to wake up
Davao de Oro, Philippines #Pets
Apathetic pet cat sleeps on sorting machine while worker arranges eggs in cartons
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Funny Virals
Lazy cat relaxes inside wooden drawer in Taiwan
Pingtung county, southern Taiwan #Pets
Thai cat cafe lets customers mingle with dozens of fluffy felines
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Curious monkey pesters pet cat lying next to cage
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) #Wildlife
Coffee shop has felines to entertain guests at new cat cafe in Thailand
Phayao, Thailand #Pets
Adorable pet cats and dogs have cute hair the cutest hair cuts at this salon
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Sleepy pet cat uses dog friend as pillow
Sichuan, China #Pets
Pet cat snuggles with sleeping friend husky in Japan
Osaka, Japan #Pets
Naughty 'spider kittens' use curtain as makeshift bouldering wall
Cavite, Philippines #Pets
Curious stray cat becomes stuck in arcade claw machine
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Kitten rescued after dropping out from moving pickup truck
Satun, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Cheeky pet cat 'burglar' plucks banknote from owner's purse
Metro Manila, Philippines #Pets
Police search for serial cat killer who poisoned and dumped 30 stray felines in Thailand
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand #Pets
Hero rescuers climb into storm drain to save trapped pet cat
Chonburi, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Feline assistant fetches badminton birdie stuck on roof for owner
Jiangsu, China #Pets
Cute pet cat enjoys sucking on pacifier
Hunan, China #Pets
Clingy pet cat lies on owner's back during yoga workout
Taoyuan City, Taiwan #Pets
Cat owner suffers instant karma after ordering pet feline to catch cockroach
Manila, Philippines #Pets