Delighted farmer and son find huge watermelon hidden under stems
Beijing, China #General News
Smart farmers move coconuts in man-made waterways
Ratchaburi, Thailand #Awesomeness
Harvesters chase runaway ostrich wildly across wheat fields in China
Anhui, China #Wildlife
Farmer clings onto parasol while being battered by dust storm
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Missing zebra safely caught after six-day search in Washington
WA, USA #Wildlife
Man driving a tractor swiftly through the paddy fields in Thailand
Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand #Technology
Ostriches attack farmer while he tries to do video presentation
Shandong Province, China #Funny Virals
Pet dog joins farmer while driving tractor
Saraburi, Thailand #Pets
Elderly Romanian woman shows vitality ploughing field
Romania #Heartwarming
Farmer saves rabbit from being eaten alive by python
Ang Thong, Thailand #Wildlife
Pet husky joins farmer on the back of his tractor
Roi Et Province, Thailand #Pets
Thick smoke cloaks northern Thailand as rampant farm burning continues
Chiang Rai, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Farmers protest outside British parliament in London
London, UK #Conflict & Protests
Chickens fly down mountain when owner clangs two pot lids together
Fujian, China #Pets
Farmer, 36, killed by 12ft long river crocodile in India
Odisha, India #Wildlife
Crocodiles snap at farmer's heels as he brings out lunch
Chainat Province, Thailand #Wildlife
Fire started from illegal forest burning sweeps through mountain in Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Farmers clash with police at council meeting in Bordeaux, France
Bordeaux, France #Conflict & Protests
Terrified farmer hides under car to escape wild elephant attack
Karnataka, India #Wildlife
Pensioner, 70, arrested for starting wildfires in northern Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Climate & Weather