Quick-thinking truck driver dodges away from tractor when it tries to cut its path
Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Massive 13ft python that feasted on farmer's chickens caught in coop in Thailand
Phayao, Thailand #Wildlife
Grain boarding! Farmer rides pile of hay dragged behind tractor
Chachoengsao Province, Thailand #Funny Virals
Farmer drags snake away from freshly harvested durian mountain
Thailand #Wildlife
Rescuers use backhoe to winch stranded buffalo from ditch in Thailand
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Pet dog plays with friends on farm and showers with pressure washer
Phitsanulok, Thailand #Pets
Bus crashes into farm truck on winding mountain road in the Philippines
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Farmer uses cool tree-climbing equipment for coconut harvesting
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Farmer takes herd of cows on road causing traffic jam in the countryside
Phetchaburi, Thailand #Pets
Train driver slows down for herd of cows running across tracks
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Farmers cover road in grain to dry in the sun in China
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Farm animals ride through city roads in three-wheeled truck in China
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Large python caught hiding in chicken coop regurgitates hen
Ang Thong, Thailand #Wildlife
Farmer climbed into reservoir to rescue stray dog that fell into water
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Peacock wanders to parking lot and holds up tourists' cars leaving farm
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Pet Pitbull rides on tractor as farmer harvests crops
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World's most dangerous job? Worker feeds fresh meat to 10,000 hungry crocodiles
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