Raging buffalo attacks handler at animal show in Thailand
Uthai Thani, Thailand #General News
Hundreds of hungry cannibal crocodiles begin EATING EACH OTHER while abandoned on farm
Songkhla, Thailand #Wildlife
Apocalyptic farm fires send air pollution levels soaring in northern Thailand
Khon Kaen, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Villagers rescue exhausted cow stuck in thick mud
Surin, Thailand #Wildlife
Baby and pensioner injured by rampaging bull in Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam #Wildlife
Vietnamese farmer rides boat made from salvaged motorcycle engines to spray water on crops
Vinh Long province, Vietnam #Climate & Weather
One-eyed baby cyclops goat born on farm in Thailand
Uthai Thani, Thailand #General News
Farmer's cow rescued after falling down well
Phayao, Thailand #General News
Farmer's arm mangled after getting sucked into coconut grinding machine
Chonburi, Thailand #
Escaped buffalo leads officer on frantic chase around city
Chai Nat, Thailand #Wildlife
Strawberry-stealing magpie plays dead to fool farmer in China
Hubei, China #Wildlife
Whale killed by 'offshore wind farm' washes ashore in New Jersey
NJ, USA #General News
Dust devil forms at solar farm in the Philippines
Zambales, Philippines #Climate & Weather
Farmers seen burning crops adding to air pollution across Thailand
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Frustrated farmer plays loud movies over speakers to keep away wild animals
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #General News
Father-of-three eaten alive by crocodile while fishing as horrified friends watch
Sabah, Malaysia #Wildlife
Petite Thai farmer poses with HUGE prize-winning buffalo
Kalasin, Thailand #Pets
Shocked worker breaks hundreds of fresh chicken eggs when machine topples over
Tokyo, Japan #General News
Farmer uses excavator to rescue cow stuck in muddy pit in Cambodia
Cambodia #Cars & Vehicles
Tired cow makes funny face while resting on the ground
Bueng Kan, Thailand #Funny Virals