Protesting farmers clash with riot police in Brussels
Brussels, Belgium #Conflict & Protests
Wildlife officer chased by elephant at sugarcane farm
Prachin Buri, Thailand #Wildlife
Calf born with two mouths and three eyes in India
Bihar, India #Wildlife
Drone footage shows agricultural burning smog blanketing northern Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Schoolboy falls into rice paddy while riding bicycle along farm road
Phichit Province, Thailand #Cute Kids
Smoke from crop burning engulfs roads around Bangkok
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Traffic chaos as cars clog anti-protest checkpoints in New Delhi, India
Delhi, India #Cars & Vehicles
Police fire tear gas at protesting farmers in India
Punjab, India #Conflict & Protests
Police fire live rounds killing one farmer during protests in India
Punjab, India #Conflict & Protests
Protesting Indian farmers try to remove barricades blocking march
Punjab, India #Conflict & Protests
Pretty Thai farmer takes pet buffalo for walk outside mall
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Police fire tear gas bombs on protesting farmers seeking better prices for their crops
Punjab, India #Conflict & Protests
Farmers fly kites in to stop police drones from releasing tear gas on them
Punjab, India #Conflict & Protests
Chicken run! Farmer builds DIY exercise machine for rooster
Thailand #Pets
Farmers clash with police during protests in India
Haryana, India #Conflict & Protests
Protesting farmers block roads as they converge on Delhi, India
Delhi, India #Conflict & Protests
Pickup truck rolls into field when driver forgets handbrake
Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Thirsty farmyard cow drinks from hosepipe
Yasothon Province, Thailand #Pets
Spanish farmers block roads in protest at cheaper imports
Spain #Conflict & Protests
Demolition turns violent as homeowners lob molotov cocktails at police over land dispute
Pampanga, Philippines #Conflict & Protests