Beach video goes wrong when wave washes away phone
Zambales, Philippines #General News
Clumsy mum trips over play pen plastic fence
Ratchaburi, Thailand #Funny Virals
Adorable red panda interacts with zoo visitors
Beijing, China #Wildlife
Tourist not used to rented motorcycle loses control and falls into canal
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Bungling scooter driver saved by friend from riding off cliff
Zhejiang, China #Cars & Vehicles
Grandfather falls from ladder while wiping glass divider of home
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Curious child plays with a shovel resulting in self-inflicted pain
Zhejiang, China #Funny Virals
Woman falls off board as she rides wave in surfing wipeout fail
Surigao del Norte, Philippines #Funny Virals
Girl has painful tumble from backflip diving into lake
Surigao del Norte, Philippines #Funny Virals
Lorry's brakes fail and rolls backwards on sloped road in Thailand
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Driverless tuk-tuk goes haywire spinning round in circles
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Hungry toddler mistaken daddy's nipples as mom's breast
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Badminton player accidentally strikes teammate in amusing fail
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Schoolgirl takes a tumble on her skateboard
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Waiter annoys family with his OTT birthday dance for them
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Friends have amusing badminton fail when one is whacked in the face
zhejiang ningbo haishu #Funny Virals
Woman almost falls from bamboo raft into lake
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Woman falls into pit while exiting car
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Woman knocked over by her excited pet dog
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Worker almost falls into pond when he tried to catch durian fruit
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