Cow rescued from a narrow dry well using digger in India
Madhya Pradesh, India #General News
Excavator swings pendulum ride on ice in China
Jilin Province, China #Awesomeness
Pickup truck towing excavator spins out of control
Chachoengsao, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Workers shelter behind excavator as storm lashes field
Udon Thani, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Elephant calf stuck in well rescued with excavator in India (vertical)
Kerala, India #Wildlife
Baby elephant stuck in well rescued with excavator in India
Kerala, India #Wildlife
Four children buried alive when they fall into pit being excavated in India
West Bengal, India #General News
Excavator tumbles down cliff with driver still inside
Chiang Rai, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Stranded locals ride excavator bucket to cross broken bridge after storm
Davao Oriental, Philippines #Climate & Weather
Rescuers search with excavators through landslide that killed 44 in China
Yunnan, China #General News
Farmer uses excavator to catch pig for New Year meal
Yunnan, China #Pets
Excavator slides down icy slope narrowly avoiding crushing people to death
Guangdong Province, China #Climate & Weather
Excavator unearths huge python sleeping in the dirt
Songkhla, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Dredger uses backhoe bucket to swim along river in China
Fujian, China #Cars & Vehicles
Digger crashes into lake when brakes fail as locals rescue driver from water
Chongqing, China #General News
Groom uses 18 excavators to make wedding arch in China
Henan, China #Funny Virals
Construction worker wears helmet while operating excavator for safety
Chanthaburi, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Residents sit in backhoe bucket to cross raging river amid floods in the Philippines
Cotabato, Philippines #Climate & Weather
Locals use excavator to save stranded dog from floods
Zambales, Philippines #Pets
Wild elephant attacks excavator clearing forest in Thailand
Chachoengsao, Thailand #Wildlife