Yellow wave of celebrating Brazil supporters stream down escalator in Qatar
Doha, Qatar #Sport
Alert mum pulls son to safety after his shoe lodges in escalator
Jiangxi, China #Everyday Heroes
Cowardly large dog has to be carried up escalator in China
Sichuan, China #Pets
Fun-loving pet parrot enjoys ride on escalator handrails in shopping mall
Rayong, Thailand #Pets
Little girl rescued after pink 'Crocs' get stuck in shopping mall escalator
South Cotabato, Philippines #General News
Little girl dangles from escalator handrails before being rescued in China
Shanghai, China #Everyday Heroes
Hero security guard vaults over railing to save grandmother who fell down escalator in China
Hubei, China #Everyday Heroes
Volunteers rescue mangled starling trapped in escalator steps in Singapore
Orchard Road, Singapore #Wildlife
Youngster rescued after getting head wedged between wall and escalator handrails
Henan, China #General News
Toddler rescued after getting feet stuck in escalator in Malaysia
Johor Bahru, Malaysia #General News
Runaway trolley slams into shopper on escalator in supermarket in Singapore
Canberra Street, Singapore #General News
Hapless stray cat walks wrong way down train station escalator
Bangkok, Thailand
Two adorable pet dogs afraid of the escalator had to be carried inside a mall
Laguna, the Philippines
Mouse runs up on downward-moving escalator in China
Shopper rescued after getting HEAD stuck in escalator in Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Silly cat struggles climbing down upward-moving escalator in Thailand
Couple falls from escalator after kissing each other as it moves up in China
Shanxi, China
Kind worker rescues hapless cat with feet stuck in escalator
Family falls from escalator at a subway in China
Quick-thinking shop assistant saves man in wheelchair hurtling down escalator in China