U.S. government drops aid into Gaza as Israel intensifies attacks
Gaza Strip #Conflict & Protests
Young woman accidentally drops brand-new iPhone down lift shaft
Fujian, China #General News
Koi carp go crazy for food dropped into pond
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
U.S. troops drop food and water into Gaza
Gaza #Conflict & Protests
Neighbours catch baby dropped from fourth floor of burning building
Zhejiang, China #Everyday Heroes
Aircrews deliver aid to Gaza as Israel's onslaught continues
Gaza #Conflict & Protests
Man drops bike and runs in fear as firecrackers he carries suddenly explode
Guangdong Province, China #Cars & Vehicles
Tiger's water fear amuses zoo visitors in Milwaukee
WI, USA #Wildlife
Child drops falls through floor at soft play centre in China
Anhui, China #General News
Jaw-dropping moment tricycle carries massive car atop its roof
Henan, China #Cars & Vehicles
Pensioner, 68, dives in chilly pond to retrieve tourist's dropped phone
Shandong, China #Everyday Heroes
Beachgoers shocked by frothy seafoam along coast as temperatures drop
Shandong, China #Natural World
Gym bro suffers fractured rib when he drops bench press bar on chest
Fujian, China #Funny Virals
Restaurant customer drops phone in boiling pot of soup
Shandong, China #Funny Virals
Corgi puppy picks up food dropped by his Golden Retriever friend on floor
Henan, China #Pets
This jaw-dropping cable car view is not for the faint-hearted
Hunan, China #Food & Travel
Iron droplets heated to 600 degrees cause helium balloons to explode in China
Guangdong Province, China #General News
Swarming swallows leave city covered in bird droppings sparking earthquake fears
Guangdong, China #Wildlife
Zookeepers prepare cold-proof shelters for animals as temperature drops in Thailand
Khon Kaen, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Tourists flock to mountain to enjoy cool weather as temperature drops in northern Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Climate & Weather