Two dogs take turns tumbling into a tank for bath time
Guangxi, China #Pets
Policewoman smashes car window to save two pet dogs left inside
NV, USA #Cars & Vehicles
Pack of stray dogs attack child playing outside home in India
Telangana, India #General News
Pet dogs help to catch mice on farm in China
Guangdong, China #Pets
Mischievous French bulldogs play in pile of sand
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Monitor Lizard and pet dogs form unlikely friendship
Nonthaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Monk rides motorcycle with sidecar full of dogs
Lopburi, Thailand #Heartwarming
Belgian expat 'unleashes pet dogs' on people who walk past his villa in Thailand
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Pet French bulldogs cool off with hose pipe
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Eight 'pirate dogs' rescued when police seized illegal oil tankers are without homes
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Woman fights off pack of stray dogs attacking her in India
Telangana, India #General News
Army bomb squad dogs stretch with soldiers for International Yoga Day
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Heroic pet pit bull dogs defuse tense road rage incident
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Couple take pet dogs for a ride with them on motorbike
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Excited pet dogs cause chaos jumping on tables
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Sniffer dogs search for landslide victims in Indonesia
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Bush dogs previously believed to be extinct spotted cooling off in pond
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Good Samaritan rises at dawn to feed stray dogs in China
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Vienna Zoo welcomes new generation of black-tailed prairie dogs
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China builds robot 'war hounds' in victory over the U.S. in arms race
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