Divers retrieve 19th century cannon in Crimea
Sevastopol, Russia #General News
Coastguard divers brave antarctic depths to save ice breaker
McMurdo Station, Antarctica #Wildlife
Divers explore control room of sunken HTMS Sukhothai warship in Thailand
Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand #General News
Beached dolphin found in Cornwall but later dies
Praa Sands, UK #Wildlife
Divers rescue dolphin stuck in shallows in Cornwall, UK
Cornwall, UK #Wildlife
Thai Airways sues passenger who criticised flight diversion
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Divers continue search for British tourist 'missing at sea' with still no sign of ship wreck
Phang-nga, Thailand #General News
Navy divers investigate downed aircraft in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii
Hawaii, USA #General News
Japanese divers measure zoo whale shark's girth during health check-up
Osaka, Japan #Wildlife
Divers swim with huge earthquake-heralding oarfish with bizarre holes in its body
Taipei, Taiwan #Wildlife
Divers swim alongside rare pod of killer whales in Indonesia
North Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Divers remove 30 kilos of fish nets stuck on coral reefs in Thailand
Trat, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Smart stingray approaches divers to ask for help removing net stuck on his back in Thailand
Phang-nga, Thailand #Wildlife
Helpful scuba divers recover tourist's iPhone 13 from sea
Chonburi, Thailand #General News
Shy squid hides in sand after noticing scuba divers in Japan
Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan #Wildlife
Divers search sunken cars after bridge collapsed killing four in the Philippines
Bohol, the Philippines #General News
Unruly passenger forces plane diversion after 'threatening to kill everyone onboard'
Orlando, Florida #
Scuba divers recover tourist's diamond ring lost in waterfall
Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand #
Passing divers rescue sea turtle tangled in floating pile of trash
Chon Buri, Thailand #