Fighter's martial arts demonstration fails when he slips onto his back
Baguio, Philippines #Funny Virals
Climate extremists block road in Paris, France
Paris, France #Conflict & Protests
Chimpanzee amazed by zoogoer's smartphone demonstration
Liaoning, China #Pets
Palestine protester arrested by riot police in Frankfurt, German
Frankfurt, Germany #Conflict & Protests
Filipino Muslim mothers hold rally in support of Palestine amid conflict
Cotabato, Philippines #Conflict & Protests
U.S. Para-Commandos perform aerial parachute demonstration for annual airshow in California
CA, USA #General News
Protesters burn controversial Philippine president's effigy ahead of national speech
Metro Manila, Philippines #Conflict & Protests
Retirees sing protest anthem as they slam medical benefits cut in China
Hubei, China #Conflict & Protests
Elderly locals clash with police at protest over medical benefits cut in central China
Hubei, China #Conflict & Protests
Traffic delays as pensioners protest over slashed medical benefits in China
Hubei, China #Conflict & Protests
Elderly locals brave rain to stage protest over medical benefits cuts in central China
Hubei, China #Conflict & Protests
Fires burn at pension reform strikes outside Total's oil refinery in France
Donges, France #Conflict & Protests
Rampaging students riot in Pakistan school 'over religious disagreement'
Peshawar, Pakistan #Conflict & Protests
Construction workers demand payment on Chinese mall's opening day
Jiangxi, China #Conflict & Protests
Recent Tesla buyers hold protest demanding refunds over sudden price cuts in China
Shanghai, China #Conflict & Protests
Palestinians clash with Israeli forces while demanding release of bodies of militants
West Bank, Palestine #General News
Chinese dissidents in Japan protest against brutal regime in homeland
Tokyo, Japan #Conflict & Protests
Chinese nationals protest at Japan train station in show of support for rallies at home
Tokyo, Japan #Conflict & Protests
Phalanx of riot police march through streets to arrest protesters in China
Guangdong, China #Conflict & Protests
Protesters chant for release of detained demonstrators in China
Zhejiang, China #Conflict & Protests