Rampaging wild crocodile caught by residents in Indonesia
South Sumatra, Indonesia #Wildlife
Crocodile sighting in canal terrifies residents in Indonesia
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Grandmother, 60, killed in crocodile attack while washing clothes in river
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Massive crocodile climbs out of canal in India
Uttar Pradesh, India #Wildlife
Mammoth crocodile clambers over railings next to river in India
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Locals catch 10ft long crocodile that climbed out of river in India
Uttar Pradesh, India #Wildlife
Snappuccino, please! Crocodile lives at this cafe in Thailand
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Mother 'threw disabled son into crocodile infested canal' in India
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Crocodile emerges from pond in front of dozens of onlookers
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Crocodile wanders out of pond and stops for a rest in front of camera
Nakhon Sawan, Thailand #Wildlife
Trainers put their heads in crocodile's jaw as near-the-knuckle Thai zoo re-opens
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Notorious crocodile farm re-opens amid tourism revival in Thailand
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Crocodile sparks panic when it emerges at market in India
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Critically endangered Siamese crocodile frightens group of otters
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Tree spouts water leaving local police baffled in India
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Crocodile walks past camera in Thailand
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Huge crocodile ambles across road in Thailand
Nakhon Sawan, Thailand #Wildlife
Crocodiles escape from farm causing concern among villagers
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Farmer, 36, killed by 12ft long river crocodile in India
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Crocodiles snap at farmer's heels as he brings out lunch
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