Two killed and 12 injured in minibus crash in Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir #Cars & Vehicles
Pedestrian survives being hit by car and flung through the air
Maharashtra, India #Cars & Vehicles
Huge piece of wood flies from truck and crashes into car behind
Samut Prakan, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Runaway bike crashes into diners at street restaurant
Guangdong, China #Cars & Vehicles
Tesla car ploughs through road signs to avoid motorcycle
Chonburi, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Truck crashes through petrol station's concrete fence 'when driver falls asleep'
Roi Et, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Nine killed and 33 injured amid 'terror attack' on bus in India
Jammu and Kashmir #General News
Terror attack on bus carrying religious devotees kills at least nine in India
Jammu and Kashmir #General News
Terrorists open fire on bus carrying pilgrims killing at least nine in India
Jammu and Kashmir #General News
Camel has the hump after getting stuck in car following crash in India
Rajasthan, India #Wildlife
Cat gatecrashes performance at Istanbul Classical Music Festival
İstanbul, Turkey #Pets
Truck crashes into ditch to avoid lorry blocking road
Ang Thong, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Boats collide injuring four tourists on river in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Speed boat crashes into river ferry injuring four tourists in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Captain stripped of licence as plane bursts into flames
Chongqing, China #General News
Plane crashes into pole at airport in Peru
Lima, Peru #General News
Out-of-control truck crashes into shops injuring four bsytanders
Telangana, India #Cars & Vehicles
Tourist falls from scooter and slides along wet road into oncoming car
Phuket, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Livestream seller's video gatecrashed by thousands of moths
Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand #Wildlife
Wedding coach flips over killing 13 and injuring 15 others in India
Madhya Pradesh, India #General News