Farmer uses excavator to rescue cow stuck in muddy pit in Cambodia
Cambodia #Cars & Vehicles
Villagers race to catch angry bulls with money tied around their necks at Hindu festival
Kyauktan, Myanmar (Burma) #General News
Tired cow makes funny face while resting on the ground
Bueng Kan, Thailand #Funny Virals
Panicked tourist throws vegetables at cow as it poked its head inside car
Kanchanaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Mother cow breaks woman's tailbone protecting calf in China
Liaoning, China #Wildlife
Baby cow frightened by loud music chases away passing Buddhist parade in Thailand
Surin, Thailand #Wildlife
Cow somehow gets stuck in giant ceramic water pot
Kandal, Cambodia #Pets
Moscow shows mobile 'Yars' nuclear missile being readied for combat duty in Western Russia
Tver Oblast, Russia #Conflict & Protests
Driver dodges panicked baby cow crossing highway in Thailand
Narathiwat, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Brave girl, 3, calmly catches lizard while her parents cower in fear
Thailand #Cute Kids
Family cowers in fear as typhoon batters home in the Philippines
Cebu, Philippines #Climate & Weather
Rescuers use crane to hoist calf stuck in sewer drain for a week in Thailand
Yala, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Cowardly large dog has to be carried up escalator in China
Sichuan, China #Pets
Bungling calf traps itself in wire fence in hilarious 'fail-break' fail in China
Inner Mongolia, China #Pets
Cowboys catch bison just like in the Old West after it escaped from vets in Texas
TX, USA #Wildlife
Coward pet parrot teases cat friend while hiding behind window
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Hero villagers save injured dugong stranded on beach in Thailand
Trang, Thailand #Wildlife
Burmese villagers show traditional way of extracting peanut oil in Myanmar
Myanmar #Food & Travel
Tourists cower on footbridge during hailstorm in the Philippines
Benguet, Philippines #Climate & Weather
Hero pet German Shepherd saves toddler from being gored by bull
Phetchaburi, Thailand #Pets