Two factory workers run for their lives as ceiling collapses behind them
Jiangsu, China #General News
Two kittens sleep in weird position on ceiling
Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand #Pets
Tiny feathered architect builds nest in man's ceiling light fixture
Hunan, China #Wildlife
Worker stands on ladder and walks with it to easily install wires on ceiling
Surin, Thailand #Awesomeness
Schoolgirl helps save bird stuck in ceiling
Loei, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Thief breaks into phone store by cutting hole in ceiling
Pattani, Thailand #General News
Clumsy painter hit by falling plaster and has white face
Hunan, China #Funny Virals
Three kittens rescued from shop's ceiling
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Bungling thief stuck in ceiling of pawnshop he was robbing in the Philippines
Cebu, Philippines #General News
Two rats fall on hungry diner's head at hot pot restaurant
Zhejiang, China #General News
Ceiling panel plunges onto warehouse worker sitting at table
Chonburi, Thailand #General News
Guest soaked by water pouring from hotel room ceiling
Hubei, China #General News
Father hangs on ceiling when ladder falls in DIY fail
Surat Thani, Thailand #General News
Car sellers rescue stray cat on showroom ceiling
Samut Prakan, Thailand #Pets
Water leaking causes flood in cafeteria
Bangkok, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Wedding banquet flooded by heavy rain in China
Shandong, China #Climate & Weather
Snake wranglers smash holes in ceiling to catch python hiding inside
Chonburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Three injured when mall ceiling collapses during storm in Malaysia
Selangor, Malaysia #Climate & Weather
Unlucky black cat crashes through ceiling during rainstorm in Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Pets
Screaming diners flee boa constrictor seen in restaurant ceiling in Brazil
Brazil #Wildlife